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" Child I wanted to be in a circus dwarf "

Born in St Nazaire in France in 1964. After a year in a painting studio, he went to IAV, Orléans school of Fine Arts in 1980. A short period at London College of Printing, then he obtained his DNSEP (Higher National Diploma Study Plastic) in 1987.


Artistic director for RSCG and Creative Director for Halo Europe. During a long period he quietly advanced his artistic work.


Now we can see the result of his work, poetry on the idea of doing something with very little.

Looking at the waste and overconsumption. Production made from cylindrical parts and circular objects found mostly in his neighbourhood. Assembled on a single, straight axis and keeping the traces of their former function and the ravages of time, they are now just shape and colour.

C o u v r a n d t

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